Our case management team members, many of whom are former refugees themselves, know how to help refugee families overcome barriers to success. Through community partnerships and referrals, shared experience, common language, and cultural affinity, they build trust and personal relationships, provide positive role models for success, and encouragement to persevere. We helped them immigrants and refugees their journey to self-sufficiency through ongoing services for up to five years from the date of arrival. 

Our dedicated team of case managers works closely with individuals and families, addressing their unique needs and assisting them in accessing the resources and services necessary for a successful transition to their new lives.

  • Food Distribution
  • Utility Assistance
  • Housing Advocacy
  • SNAP/Medicaid /SSI Application
  • Employment/Job Search
  • Service Referrals and Coordination
  • Access to Benefits and Documentation
  • Advocacy and Support
  • Empowerment and Self-Sufficiency

If you have any questions regarding our case management programs, please reach out to us. Our dedicated case managers are to work closely with individuals and families, offering a range of services.

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