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Calendar link
https://calendly.com/anrwolfe/zoom-meeting This is the calendar link for a one hour zoom meeting with me to go over topics you would like to discuss. Plese upload any materials you can and email them to me at amber.sales@ocrisi.org if possible. Bring your text book and all material related to the subject.
Academic Advisements for parents
amber.sales@ocrisi.org https://calendly.com/d/4d6-g47-mp2/academic-advising This is the link and my email address if you need advice or have any questions where you or your parents needs advice on School or want my help with something related to school policy or rules, or parents have questions about something here is where they can schedule a meeting.
Tutoring session
https://calendly.com/d/4sz-sv2-br8/tutoring-session This is for a regular tutoring session. You know what you need help with and are all ready to go, and we have talked over everything this is where you come to schedule your tutoring sessions once we figure out what we need .
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